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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Photostory Friday - The "Thing"

We always wondered if Nicholas would have a “thing.” We would make a purchase of some blanket, stuffed toy, or other object and think, “Could this be it? Do we want this to be ‘the thing’?” We tried to encourage some of our favorite selections, keeping in mind that Linus has been carrying his blanket around for more than 50 years. Of course, it would never be our decision. It would be entirely up to Nicholas.

In the last few months, a certain someone has become an important member of our family. “Whiskers” has joined us on many an outing. Nicholas, the consummate puppy wannabe, has recently grown very fond of several of his puppy friends including, Big Ears, Red Bow, Red Dog, and Red Nose, but Whiskers reigns supreme because he was made with love, by Nicholas.

Meet Whiskers.

Meet Whiskers_Tagged

A single string dangling from his face gives Whiskers his name.

Meet Whiskers 2_Tagged

Sometimes, Whiskers forgets that we should "stick together." Then, we have to go back for him.

Meet Whiskers 5_Tagged

Whiskers smiles for Mommy's camera.

Meet Whiskers 4_Tagged

Nicholas's sister, Jenny, bought Whiskers a new sweatshirt to keep warm during our nighttime walks on the golf course.

Meet Whiskers 3_Tagged

Whiskers loves the trolly--almost as much as Nicholas.

Meet Whiskers 6_Tagged

Whiskers cracks Nicholas up when he yells, "Go Faster! I love the wind in my ears!"

1 comment:

Rikki said...

I love your photostories and I just adore that last image, his cute, little face and that big smile ♥