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Friday, May 28, 2010

Photo Story Friday - Be Happy...

Glass Half Full_Tagged

...Your Glass is Half Full

We call this Nicholas's "Be Happy!" face. When he senses (or knows darn-well) that someone is angry or sad, he puts on this cheesy grin and (as more of a retort than a reminder) he makes his command—“Be Happy!”

When he first started doing this, I found it trying. "I don't want to 'be happy' right now," I would inform him. "Mommy is upset."

A few days into this new routine, however, my teen-aged daughter picked it up. In the same, high-pitched, clipped tone, she would glance over at me from across the room and, for no reason at all, slap on the identical cheese-grin and imitate her brother-- “Be Happy!”

Then, we laugh.

In those moments, I realize that perhaps the smartest person in the room, the one that is teaching the lessons, is the three-year-old. He’s the one who sees the glass as half full…the eternal optimist because he knows nothing else. In his mind, why not be happy? The alternative is so much less appealing.

I often hear that the key to positive thinking is to practice positive affirmations. These are tools that reprogram your unconscious mind from negative thinking to positive. The process is easy. Think of positive statements that you wish to see manifested, and repeat them over and over until they are a part of your way of thinking.

So, Nicholas offers this one—your glass is half full, so “Be Happy!”

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Lara said...

So sweet :) What a Zen teacher :)

Rikki said...

Oh this is gorgeous. I think Nicholas could teach us all a lesson ♥

Melissa said...

What a bright young man!