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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I Heart Faces - Photojournalism

A LITTLE off the Top_Tagged

I said, "A LITTLE" off the top!

Sometimes, the photo alone tells the story...

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carlotta said...

This is so sweet! I love the facial expression :)

trishcarlucci said...

ahahaha! Poor Nicholas....I hope he was happier at the end when it was done. What a face!

Jodi R. said...

Hehehe! I love this one!

Meg said...

LOL LOL ~ Hysterical!! Loves it! :)

Katherine said...

Ohh this is just great and MOST DEFINITELY tells a great story -- just too cute!

K xx

Becca said...

oh my gosh I LOVE it! :-) what a perfect picture and it definitely, definitely tells a story!

Lois Sparks said...

i love the expression on his face!

Christina said...

Hayley, thank you for the comment (on fivewalkers). I have to tell you, I love the Steve Martin quote! That's so...true! :) And this picture is wonderful. He looks so concerned! I love capturing real-life.