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Friday, February 11, 2011

Photostory Friday - Those Sweet, Final Moments

Side-by-side they stood, in all their sugary goodness. Having witnessed the devouring of each of their friends, they knew they were the fortunate ones. They also knew, with that boy in the house, their time together wouldn’t last.

Strawberries and Cream Cupcakes Alone_Tagged

And so it came without warning—the moment they feared.

The Take_Tagged

A pause. He looked innocent enough.

Strawberries and Cream_Tagged

And then…gone in an instant.


There she stood, all alone. Her small, sweet heart pounded with anticipation.

The Last One_Tagged

She could feel him eyeing her. If only she wasn’t so delicious.

Feeling Watched_Tagged

Suddenly, she was in his hands. He was inhaling her delightful scent. She was no longer proud of her perfection.

Just a Smell_Tagged

He unwrapped her slowly, as if savoring each moment.

Savoring the Last Cupcake_Tagged

Suddenly, it was over. Her heart in his hand, the only thing left.

All that is left_Tagged

Her heart—a toy with which he played.

Silly Heart_Tagged_edited-1

Triple Cup Cake Heart_Tagged 2

And those who witnessed the moments, would later report, “The boy was not sorry for what he had done.”


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1 comment:

Cecily R said...

Holy crumbs, those EYES! How do you resist filling your memory card on a daily basis??

Fantastic shots!! Thanks for linking up with us this week!