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Friday, February 4, 2011

Welcome Dexter

Members of our household know, there is no free room and board. We are happy to have you, but you will be required to earn your keep. The cost? You will be subjected to random photo shoots, to which you will have no objections. That's right! There are NO FREE PASSES.

Meet Dexter. He came to us a few nights ago--innocent and unaware.

Meet Dexter_Tagged

His wonderful and loving personality ensured that he quickly made friends.

Dexter and Monkey_Tagged

And, he made himself right at home in the snack department. (This photographer did her best to ignore the fact that he rapidly and impetuously ate the perfect stem and leaves before I could capture them.)

Dexter Berry 2_Tagged

Dexter Berry_Tagged

Dexter Berry 3_Tagged

It was when he stood, eating his strawberry, that he suddenly became aware. This was not a picnic.

Dexter Berry 4_Tagged

And although the props appeared tasty...

Dexter and His Blocks_Tagged

There was actual work to be done.

Dexter and His Blocks 2_Tagged

Though Dexter is quite willing (as long as he receives an adequate number of strawberries and such), I find that there is much work to be done in this little guy's future. He seems to be a natural, with various poses including, Blue Steel, Le Tigre, and Ferrari, alas, Magnum will need some work for this new member of Zooland.

Dexter and His Blocks 3_Tagged

I am confident, if he keeps up his hurdles, he should be well in shape for his next shoot!

Dexter and The Hurdle_Tagged

Welcome Dexter! Keep up the good work.

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