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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Best Money Ever Spent - Strider Bike!

The Strider™ PREbike website claims, "Bike riding becomes a breeze when you teach your child balance and coordination before pedaling." I am pretty confident this is true, but we haven't yet converted to a pedal-less bike. Our Strider Rider is so much fun!

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After several attempts to circle the neighborhood for our evening walk, with Nicholas riding his training-wheeled bicycle, we gave up and encouraged him to walk with us. The over sized bike with trainers was cumbersome and slow, and managed to get stuck in minor cracks and tip over at a moment's notice. Nicholas didn't seem to mind putting the bike aside. In truth, he wasn't having much fun anyway.

In November, his grandparents bought him a Strider for his 4th birthday.

Day One with the Strider was slow-and-go. As with any bike, it took a little while to get used to. Day Two was better. We navigated the neighborhood, without any falls, but Nicholas remained tentative, and his feet mainly stayed on the ground. At the end of Day Two, we checked out videos at the Strider Bike website and Nicholas decided that he wanted to try to do "tricks." I told him we should give it try, so we headed right back outside and gathered up his bike.

Immediately, Nicholas walked his bike to the top of the driveway, lifted his feet, and glided to the bottom. My heart was in my throat as he hit the lip at the bottom of the driveway and seemed to lose balance for a moment. Without hesitation, Nicholas righted his wheels and continued his glide.

"Wow, Mommy! Did you see that 'trick'?!" he asked me.

He spent the rest of the day telling everyone what an amazing bike rider he was.

Balance AND confidence with one blow!

Thanks Strider!

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