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Monday, June 13, 2011

I Heart Faces - Vivid - To Infinity and Beyond!


They meet their instructor along the side of the pool, and their lesson begins promptly at 6:45. Moms and Dads watch from afar as they gather together along the water's edge on blankets, towels, and whatever empty chairs they are lucky enough to locate. This is no “mommy and me” class. These boys are in the big league now.

First, the instructor lines her little eels along the edge of the pool wall, securely fastened into what she playfully calls their “space backpacks.” She begins her address on the rules of safety. They listen. Next, she proceeds to demonstrate the goal. They watch. Finally, she pulls each boy into the water, one at a time. They do.

I am intrigued by the instructor’s ability to capture the focus of these boys for the full half hour. Whether she is teaching them one on one, or in a group, these boys offer her their undivided attention. They seem to know that this is important. I am focused too. I am thankful for my camera’s zoom.

Pleasantly exhausted after a good swim, my boy goes to bed early on lesson night. I am able to sit down and browse through my photo captures of the day. In these quiet moments, I can vividly see the future as I imagine he sees the future.

I pretend to hear my little guy talking to his friend. “One day,” he says, “we are going to cross the pool!” Yes, my little one, even without your backpack, I know you will go “to infinity and beyond!”

This week, I Heart Faces wants to see our Bright and Vivid photos. Check them out here!


deb duty said...

Really cute summery photo!

Lara said...

Oh, wow, Hayley! Those blues are so intense! I hope they make it to the other side of the pool, soon - one small step for man....!

Sarah said...


Amanda Heath said...

This is hands down, ADORABLE! What a great shot!

Mapa said...

Fantastic shot of summer!!

Denise said...

Sweet and adorable. Love love love!!!

tiarastantrums said...

love the editing on this one

MommyRachelle said...

First, love the slideshow series at the top. Stunning work. And their little swim floats really do look like jet packs.

Wendhy Jeffers Photography said...

What an inspirational photo! Thanks for the love on my blog, too! <3