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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

7 Random Things

Sweet Pepper 7_Tagged

A little less than 10,000 miles away, I have a friend who “speak-a my language.” Though, we have never met face-to-face, I know she hates vegemite. Can you imagine an Australian hating vegemite? I guess it is possible. If Men At Work are accurate in their song lyrics, however, then in Australia “women glow.” If my friend Rikki represents all women in Australia, then Men At Work doesn’t lie. Rikki Glows! Just check out her blog, Rikki Reid Photography, and you will see what I mean.

This week, Rikki passed the 7 Random Things Kreativ Blogger Meme on to me. And, I get to tell you 7 Random Things about myself. So, here goes:

1. Celebrations surround me on my birthday each year. Tequila and Tacos flow, because my birthday falls on Cinco De Mayo.

2. Speaking of Tequila, I can’t tolerate even the smell. No margaritas for me.

3. However, pass the salt please, because I happen to salt everything else. Pizza, watermelon, soups, you name it.

4. Not cherries though, or apples, or carrots, or peaches, because I am allergic to those.

5. Here I am at number 5. I could take this time to mention that the number 5 happens to be my most favorite number in the world. You could say I have loved that number since the day I was born—5/5.

6. That was also the day my mom named me, Hayley. In kindergarten, I decided I hated my name. Nobody else was ever named Hayley. And, the lady on Romper Room never saw me—not once! Of course, I grew to love its originality as I grew older. Then, I grew older still. Now, Hayleys fill the kindergartens.

7. Finally, speaking of kindergarten, here is something random. The year I entered kindergarten, my darling husband entered his freshman year of college. Yikes!

Whew! Now that my head is spinning with randomness, I am passing it along to some of my favorite bloggers.

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If you choose to follow a bit of fun, the “rules” are:
Copy the award to your blog.
Insert a link to the person who nominated you.
Share seven things about yourself
Nominate other bloggers and share the love.
Tell the nominees about their award.


HELLO my name is Jill said...

oh fun! thanks for naming me :) I will totally have fun doing this!!! I have a niece that is a cinco de mayo baby and i really love the name hayley and if i didn't already have a cousin with the name I prolly would have named one of my own Hayley... because it's so cute.

Rikki said...

Such a lovely way to get to know you a little better. I'm not sure if I'm such a good representative of the Australian woman, but I like that you think I glow ♥

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

Hey! Thanks for naming me too! I love the site and all your great photos! I'll try this out. Things are a bit busy as I try to get my photography business going, but I'm going to try to get back to real blogging very soon!