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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thankful Thursday

True Love and Sunsets_Tagged

Nicholas: Can Whiskers come for a walk with us?
Me: No, because I will be the one who ends up carrying him.
Nicholas: Please. Whiskers wants to go for a walk with us.
Me: Whiskers doesn't walk. Again, I don't want to be the one to carry Whiskers.
Nicholas: Mommy, Please can Whiskers come on the walk with us?
Me: What did Mommy say?
Nicholas: (Silence)
Nicholas: (Already on the walk with Whiskers in his arms.) Mommy, can Whiskers come for a walk with us?
Me: Really Nicholas? Really? Well, obviously we aren't going to go back home with him. We'll miss the sunset.

So Whiskers walked with us. And, shared the sunset. And behaved himself in Nicholas's arms.

The Entire Way.


alicia said...

You've captured the innocence and sweetness of every child with your photos and words.

k8 said...

Good Whiskers for behaving himself - means he is growing up don't you think? Lovely Nicholas! xx