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Monday, January 31, 2011

2 Kids/12 Times/12 Colors

The end of 2010 found me desperately trying to fill a photo album with photos of my children (taken together) over the course of the last year. I found that it could not be done. I was forced to settle for separate, yet similar, captures. It seems that their fourteen-year age difference does not contradict the definition of sibling rivalry. I could see it in their photos--my children each competing to define who they are as a person, and each wanting to show that they are separate from their sibling.

Well, that just would not do.

It has been said that our siblings are the people we practice on. They teach us fairness, cooperation, kindness, and compassion. Jenny is beginning her adult life this year. Nicholas barely knows the joys of being a full-fledged kid. They are still learning and growing together, and I intend to capture these moments while I can.

If I had the pleasure of raising them together as small children, I confess, I would have dressed them the same and paraded them around in all their cuteness. Sometimes, it happens naturally, and I secretly love it. For my project, it will happen at least once a month.

So begins a new project--2 Kids/12 Times/12 Colors.

This is not a new concept. I admit, I borrowed it from several members of my photographer community. Thank you. I don’t know what I would do without your inspiration.

So it begins…

2 Kids/In January/In RED

Two Kids - January 2b_TaggedTwo Kids - January 1_TaggedTwo Kids - January 3_TaggedTwo Kids - January 4_TaggedTwo Kids - January 5_TaggedTwo Kids - January 6_TaggedTwo Kids - January 7_TaggedTwo Kids - January 8_TaggedTwo Kids - January 10_Tagged

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