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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I Heart Faces Week 24 - "All About Babies"

Where Did the Baby Go_Tagged

Where Did the Baby Go?

I’m told a baby lived here.
The proof is on these pages.
But, I’m not sure that I believe it,
Cuz I’ve been here for ages.

He looks somewhat familiar.
He has my Mommy’s eyes.
I know that is my teddy bear,
and the big brown chair I recognize.

Some things are hard to understand,
Cuz I am only three.
Like, why did the baby go away,
Before he could meet me?

When I grow up, I’ll look for him.
I’m sure I’ll be happy to know,
The answer to my question,
Where did the baby go?

This photo and poem was inspired by my favorite Little Golden Book of all time, Where Did the Baby Go?, by Sheila Hayes.

It has been a few years since I have had the opportunity to capture a baby in my portraits. I too must admit, I often wonder where my babies went. Fortunately, I can get my baby portrait fix this week at iheartfaces. You should too!


Angie Ray said...

I absolutely <3 this one and I can't believe it hasn't received any comments yet. ;) Great composition and treatment! Congrats on the Amy & Angie Pick Award.

CJ said...

Such a cute picture - and congrats on the award :)

Kate said...

Wow Hayley another fabulous entry!!! You are so so fabbo! I haven't been playing over at I heart faces for a while so missed this! So well done you!!

The Paper Mama said...

This is such a wonderful photo!

Capturing Sunshine said...

Thank you all for your lovely comments! This was a tough one for me...no babies in the house!! I Heart Faces definitely keeps me on my toes!! ;)