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Monday, December 13, 2010

I Heart Faces - Pets (Something Different)

Under Construction at Christmas Time_Tagged

The Foreman. The Alpha Dog. The Senior in Charge.

Sam was Heller's dog. They had an understanding. Sam belonged to Heller. Heller belonged to Sam. When the lights went out at the end of the day, we could always find Sam lying in Heller's doorway. It was obvious who held Sam's heart.

In 2007, when we lost our Sunshine, Sam lost his too. I think he decided that no other little boy could ever measure up to Heller, and so he decided not to have a boy. The only other little boy in our house confuses him. Nicholas, a puppy-crazed boy, is often a little over-enthusiastic, loud, and rough (not this old dog's favorite things). So, Sam spends most of his days avoiding Nicholas.

Today was different. Maybe it was the cold weather. Or, perhaps Sam was inspired by the jingle jangle of his holiday trim. Today, Sam found the boy interesting.

Today's theme at I Heart Faces is Pets. I am sure you expected to see Nicholas with Meme (his usual side-kick), but today I am trying something different--just like Sam.


Clammy said...

I love the expression on the dogs face.

fairchildstreet said...

He is paying attention, so cute. Charmaine

Anonymous said...

Love the interaction between child and pet!

Mapa said...

Hadn't noticed Sam's age until this pic when I saw his grey beard. Great shot of the two of them. OMG! My "scrambled word" to post was "dink"

Yana said...

That almost made me cry. Very sweet.

Rikki said...

Oh honey, this is so sweet. Big hugs to you ♥