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Monday, July 12, 2010

I Heart Faces - I Love My Country

Today's photos and story are inspired by I Heart Faces' non-competition theme, I Love My Country.

American Ingenuity 5_Tagged

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“Hey! It’s American Ingenuity, ya know?” Those are the words most often expressed by my engineer husband when something that seemed unfixable surprises us and comes to life.
A Boy.
A Dog.
A Radio Flyer.

A classic touch of Americana meets American Ingenuity.

Did you know that the Radio Flyer was first assembled by Antonio Pasin, a young Italian who traveled to America, The Land of Opportunity, and arrived on Ellis Island in 1914? To me; however, the little red wagon stands as one of the most identifiable pieces of Americana.

I believe with my whole heart, that every American boy and girl should own a little red wagon. The boundless imaginations of children-- their creative inventiveness-- determines the wagon’s role and has the ability to open so many worlds of adventure.

I always wanted a horse. I needed a horse. But, the deeply sloping, mulched hill surrounding my parents’ lovely suburban home did not allow for my dream to become reality. Therefore, my reality became a dream. My rustic Radio Flyer became my gallant steed, with flowing red hair. We traveled the treacherous hills together—the wagon’s axle my harness and reins—my brave terrier by my side.

Today, when my husband pulled Heller’s rusted wagon to the curb, and placed it alongside the other garbage for pickup, I almost cried.

No. That wasn’t happening.

“Aww, Hon,” he placated. “It’s junk.”

I called my children to my side. “Whatever happened to American Ingenuity?” I asked him.

So, the Radio Flyer stays. And here I offer:

A Boy.
A Dog.
A Radio Flyer.
American Ingenuity 1_Tagged
American Ingenuity 2_Tagged
American Ingenuity 3_Tagged
American Ingenuity 4_Tagged
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Colleen said...

Awww... what a sweet story. Looks like you made the right decision to rescue the flyer!

lsquare said...

Such a joyful series of pictures---a true slice of Americana. I totally support the rescue of the Radio Flyer!....

Hollie said...

Love the story they tell!