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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Right in my Back Yard

In search of a little inspiration today, I ventured right outside my door. I love my yard. It was the reason we purchased our home. It's vast and lovely and filled with gorgeous palms of every kind...and vast and overwhelming and filled with dogs and pot holes (thanks to the dogs) and toys and...

Anyway, there IS beauty, like this pod from our magnolia tree. I find the pods almost as intriguing as the magnolias themselves.

Magnolia Pod_Tagged

And, I love these pink flowers that grow high above the swing set. At sunset, they catch the light in so many remarkable ways.

Pink Flowers in my Yard_Tagged

...and they come in various shades of pink.

Pink Flowers in my Yard 2_Tagged

This little plant, though seemingly nothing special, is most special. Heller planted these flowers (and a few others) that seem to come back again and again. Perhaps they are some form of a weed, but they make me happy.

Hellers Flower in my Yard_Tagged

And then there was this--like a haunting flashback from Toy Story 3. I have no idea where it came from. Despite Nicholas's recent infatuation with "live dolls," we don't own any actual dolls.

Doll Head_Tagged

So, in search of inspiration, I found something interesting--right in my own back yard.

Toy Story in our Yard_Tagged

Nicholas found it interesting too.

Toy Story in our Yard 2_Tagged

And, if you think it might belong to you, feel free to stop by and pick it up. You will find it on our roof, where Nicholas was inspired to toss it for safe-keeping.

1 comment:

kate said...

Oh Hayley. I am laughing at the dolls head and how interested he is in it! I want to know where it came from and you are right - it is so like the Toy Story one! Love your photos, love your posts - love your family!

k8 xx