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Friday, July 23, 2010

Photostory Friday - Teagan and the Bear

Everybody has been sharing this story today, but I think it is time I told it exactly how it happened.

So, there I was, relaxing at my Mapa's and Papa's house.

I was kicked back, ya know? Airing out the piggies...

Teagan and the Bear 1_Tagged

Now and then, I'd flash my baby blues at my Aunt Hayley's camera. She's a little crazy for the photos if you ask me.

Teagan_Bear Watch 2_Tagged

I was starting to work in to my really great stuff. You know, a little smile here and there. I'm starting to figure out that adults need those cheap thrills, see?

Teagan_Bear Watch 3_Tagged

It's worth it too. I get these killer rewards. My mom's smooches, for example. They're the best!

Teagan_Bear Watch 4_Tagged

Back to my story.

So I was chillin', see? I had no worries. There were no wild animals in sight. (Well, okay, my cuddly giraffe was there.) Don't make anything of it.

Teagan_Bear Watch 5_Tagged

Oh, and if you ask me, my cousin can get crazy sometimes. He's a little bit like a wild animal. But, I'm paying attention. I mean, he had some really cool moves that I might try when I'm a tad bigger.

Teagan_Bear Watch 6_Tagged

I digress. The point is, I was the first one to see it! Something didn't seem quite right. I've never seen one before. But, I'm only two months old, and there are a lot of things I haven't seen.

Teagan_Bear Watch 8_Tagged

Besides, like I said, I was really digging my mom's smooches.

Teagan_Bear Watch 7_Tagged

The thing is, there it was... right in Mapa's front yard... less than fifteen feet away. A BEAR! No, not the kind that they shoved in my face when they put me in that basket (What the heck was that about anyway?). No, I mean a REAL BEAR.

Teagan_Bear Watch 9_Tagged

Well, Mommy and Aunt Hayley were so quick to get away that Aunt Hayley left her zoom lens behind in the grass. (THAT'S how serious this was!) Nobody was going back for it any time soon, so this is the best photo she can offer.

Everybody hung out and watched the bear for a while. Then, my Daddy (the only brave one I think), scared it away. Daddy's cool. After that, I think the bear was all that anyone could talk about for hours. It must have been the most exciting thing to happen around here since, well, ME.

So, that's my story (the REAL story) and I am sticking to it.

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Wendy said...

This baby has an excellent vocabulary! Great shots!

Barbara Manatee said...

what a great story and adorable perspective. And really?? a real bear while you were going your photo shoot? OMG! Where do you live?

marissa said...

Hayley this is adorable. Adorable and scary!!!!! Really? A bear? Wow!!!!

Rikki said...

Oh Hayley, this photostory is absolutely priceless and what a gorgeous, gorgeous baby.

My boys were behind me as I read this and this was overheard. One brother to the other: "Holy cow, did you see that? A bear, a real bear!" Other brother: "Yep, our mum's never taken a photo of a bear". Hayley, you rock :)

Jill said...

Great photos, Hayley. I love the ones of Nicholas with his cousin in the truck. Not only do you take great photos, but you are great at setting them up. I don't know what to say about the bear at your parents' home. Wow.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures! and the bear how cool is that lol! I am also letting fellow bloggers know I am going to start hosting a weekly event called Share It Saturdays. If you would be interesting you can find more info here http://thisstupidlamb.com/share-it-saturday/. Thanks and have a wonderful week!