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Monday, July 26, 2010

I Heart Faces - PURPLE

Purple and Green_Tagged

This week's I Heart Faces photo challenge (PURPLE), comes with a short story and lesson in color complements.

Here, Nicholas is wearing his Baltimore Ravens T-shirt. As you can see, the team color is purple.

Since the complementary color pairing for purple is commonly determined to be yellow, I usually pair this shirt with Nicholas's yellow, Converse sneaks. For this reason, and probably because I refuse to cut his hair, when he wears his Ravens T-shirt, I usually hear, "She is so cute." Uggg.

So, today I decided to put Nicholas in his purple shirt and black Converse. I think this says, "I'm all boy!" And since many believe that the true complement to purple is yellow green, Nicholas lying on the grass offers a perfect complement to today's I Heart Faces theme!!

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Rachel Roushey said...

Love this photo! What a cutie! I love how his shoes make his legs look like they just flop. Great job.

Mapa said...

And purple and black are the true Ravens colors, so good choice in shoes! Love his smile in this photo.

Yana said...

My high school colors were purple and gold (i.e. yellow). Just thinking about it brings back awful memories of our principal in a bright purple business suit/dress (where does one buy such things?). Good for you for resisting the obvious color combo and going with the black shoes! I love his rosy cheeks :) Mom, it's 100 degrees out here!

Chels Allred said...

what a cool kid!